Asset Analytics

Track the performance of any music or video asset

Measure the value of your social reach by analyzing all derivative uses of your content across platforms.

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Gain a holistic view
of your video campaign

Pex’s real-time insights capture the true global view of the performance of the content itself, rather than isolated measurements of the creator’s or brand’s

Benchmark a content’s performance against a competitor over time

Pex tracks metrics such as views, likes, comments, and shares, to measure the comparative value of content and predict business outcomes. Pex is not only able to track the metrics behind your content, it can track those of any online content. 

Identify community &
influencer partnerships

Pex finds the users creating original material with your content. Identify community members utilizing your content to interact with  your community authentically. Leverage these leading uploaders for your paid, promotional, and sweepstakes campaigns across social.

Leverage audience sentiment

Pex analytics generates heat-maps to analyze how the community is engaging with the content it shares. Identify which segments of your video are the most popular and which accounts were responsible for spotting the best part of your content. Use this data to inform future content creation that will be more engaging for your audience.

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Put true cross-platform analytics to work

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