Attribution engine

Enabling real-time settlements of rights between platforms and rights holders

The Attribution Engine radically simplifies the licensing process by making ownership information more transparent, allowing parties to negotiate terms, and bringing scale and consistency to the existing fragmented licensing system.

Radically simple licensing

The Attribution Engine is a comprehensive, up-to-date database of digital rights information for audio and video content, and provides high speed search for platforms that need a scalable, automated content recognition solution.

Lightning fast lookup

All lookups are returned within 5 seconds. Fast response times mean licensing can be done as close to the point of creation and/or distribution as possible.


Capable of processing 1,100 hours of content every second, the underlying technology scales to fit the demands of the largest UGC platforms.

Audio and video

Identify and reconcile the rights of publishers, labels, studios, and independent creators all in one place.

Precise Identification

Find matches of segments as short as 0.5 second. Identify copyrighted material in mixes, remixes, cover versions, and content with significant distortions.

Rights Holders

Asset registry

Pex Attribution Engine maintains a comprehensive database of audio and video content. All rights-holders, big and small, can register their assets, whether they include sound recordings, videos, song compositions, or gaming content, to identify them.

Free of charge  

The service is completely free of charge. Registration is available to creators or rights holders of any audio or video content, including music, podcasts, production music, movies, short videos, gaming content, and even memes.

Rights holder dispute resolution

To ensure database accuracy, the Attribution Engine incorporates a rights dispute resolution process, allowing rights holders to learn of and resolve ownership overlaps, and deal with incorrect ownership claims.

Metadata mapping

Pex Attribution Engine connects sound recordings to composition metadata, to allow the identification of music publishing to the correct sound recordings.


Free automated content recognition solution

Online media-sharing platforms, DSPs, or individuals can swiftly identify all copyrighted content by attributing audio and video content to rights holders, free of cost.

Real time licensing

The Attribution Engine identifies copyrighted content in UGC in real-time so that platforms can obtain proper licensing and thus enable live content publishing.

Uploader dispute resolution  

To prevent over-blocking lawful content, the Attribution Engine utilizes a dispute resolution mechanism that verifies the validity of infringement claims.

Toxic content identification

Platforms can protect themselves from harmful user-uploaded content. The Attribution Engine, in cooperation with authorities, identifies inappropriate content so that platforms can take swift action.

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