Digital rights management

Empowering rights holders
to regain control over their content

Pex eliminates manual search and provides protection across all digital media channels by bringing automation to content management.

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Exponentially grow revenue

Pex’s Rights Management service enables users to exponentially grow revenue by providing:


Pex eliminates the painstaking search for metadata by scanning platform archives and in minutes, finding all past and new copies.

Global scale

Pex scans all open major music, gif, short-form and long-form video platforms across the world.


Pex discovers highly distorted content, down to 0.5 seconds of original or matching video and music, in real time.

One easy-to-use interface

Pex enables the discovery and claiming of content on all platforms, from one unique interface, in just one click.

Manage all your content
in one dashboard

Easily add your assets, catalogue, or library to the Pex content management system via raw file, URL, or API. Manage content within your Pex library with features like whitelisted users/channels and the ability to exclude sections of your content from search results.

Discover matches of your content

Identify copies and filter match results within a streamlined rights management process
that prioritizes monetization opportunities.

Compare your assets to their matches

Quickly review matches of your content side by side with its copies and take actions in just one click.

Claim more content
and generate more revenue

Connect your Content ID account and generate more revenue through our seamless review system. Protect your assets from infringing content on any platform directly from Pex.

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Unlock the value of your content

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