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Pex’s search engine technology
empowers decision-makers

With platform-wide data sets backed by quantifiable metrics, Pex reduces the discrepancies induced by hunches or outdated TV and desktop metrics.

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A bird’s eye view of online content

Pex has full visibility into all of the content, channels and users that arise on any major streaming platform. While native platforms can deliver platform-specific KPIs and account specific metrics, Pex provides an independent, global analysis on the performance of any catalogue or category of content.

Analyze cross-platform content

With this knowledge, Pex calculates performance leaderboards for the top performing videos and channels, on every platform, over time.

Unlocking social platform black boxes

Thanks to constantly evolving proprietary machine learning tools, Pex is able to give its clients full transparency over the state of a platform and the progress of different types of content online today: gaming, music, podcasts, etc.

Optimize your media strategy

Pex qualifies your private video inventory against your target market, regardless of the platform. We measure your market share and comparative performance to inform your greater value to advertisers. Ask us today how we can independently validate the measurement of your inventory to drive media sales in a 100% brand safe environment.

Leverage data to empower partnership activations

Utilize Pex’s user graph to identify key brand or influencer partners based on, not just their followers or video views, but the extension of their social reach, consumption and affinity of their audience.

Measure your share of voice

Across any and all platforms, understand the market share of  your brand, creator, or content, compared to its targeted performance metrics and audience size.

Get clarity with custom insights

Deep-dive into specific business, content or performance questions with custom insights. Answer questions like:

What platforms does my derivative content sit on beyond my owned and operated environment?

What is the market share of my content in the “Sports” category on a platform?

Which creators are gaining traction on YouTube vs Instagram?

Where is my brand’s content being shared and consumed by UGC?

How am I performing against my competitors on non-US streaming platforms?

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