Radically simple licensing.

Built on top of Pex’s advanced technology, Attribution Engine is licensing infrastructure for the Internet enabling fair compensation and increased access to content.

Attribution Engine ensures compliance and safety for platforms, gives rightsholders total control of their content, increases access and confidence for creators, helps law enforcement prevent toxic content, and provides brand safety for advertisers.

Key features

Free registration for all rightsholders and creators

Rightsholders and creators can register their catalogs in the Pex Asset Registry at no initial cost and communicate their licensing requirements to digital platforms for the use of their intellectual property. There is no limit on the number of registered assets.

Free content identification service for digital platforms

The Attribution Engine offers licensing infrastructure and content identification technology that digital platforms can integrate free of charge. The software, in the form of an SDK, sends fingerprint hashes of user-generated content to the Attribution Engine where it is matched against a database of registered assets in 5 seconds or less. If there is a match, platforms will receive all the information they need to attribute correct ownership and license the content before it is published.

Leading edge content recognition technology

Pex’s proprietary algorithms can identify content matches down to 1 second across both audio and video content. Pex technology can detect recordings, melodies, mixes and remixes, regardless of distortions or alterations, and can detect semantic variations of music such as remasters, instrumentals, live versions, and karaoke. It can also detect videos regardless of distortions such as speed, cropping, text, noise, rotations, color, or splicing.

Comprehensive asset registry

The Pex Asset Registry contains millions of copyrighted videos and sound recordings along with their corresponding metadata and licensing information, including composition information for sound recordings. Asset lookups return a complete profile of ownership for each identified copyright. The Attribution Engine enables all rightsholders to register their full catalog at no cost and provides a system for resolving ownership disputes and data inconsistencies.

Dispute resolution process

The Attribution Engine facilitates dispute resolution between digital content creators and rightsholders as well as ownership conflicts between different parties.

Detection of harmful online content

Pex has partnered with various government agencies and organizations that work to fight the spread of harmful and toxic content, including CSAM and terrorist content, across the Internet. This harmful content detection service is available to all platforms free of charge.

Scalable technology

Pex’s advanced fingerprinting technology maps the characteristic components of any given content to transform it into a compact coded representation. Pex’s fingerprinting technology functions on audio, melody, video, as well as images. The technology is capable of returning all searches within 5 seconds regardless of the length of the content or the number of identifications made within it, and can process 1,100 hours of content every second. The speed and scale of Pex’s technology ensures the digital experience is never disrupted.

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