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Don’t rely on UGC platforms to accurately report your market share. Pex finds the most uses of your content, and delivers the data in a custom report, so you can get what you deserve.

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Negotiate licenses with Pex data

Find your content on leading platforms - including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and SoundCloud - to bolster your licensing negotiations. Simply provide audio or video assets to track and Pex will extrapolate your market share.

Quantify the value of your catalog

Your content’s value extends beyond its original release. Discover reuploads of your content, see total views and engagement metrics, and learn what percentage of all music content your assets represent.

Measure your content's growth

Dive deeper with custom data requests, like year-over-year comparisons or percentage of licensed vs unlicensed content.

One customer discovered 2.5M videos contained their music, totaling a 7% market share of all videos with music on the platform.

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