Technology Identification capabilities

Pex’s industry-leading technology utilizes advanced digital fingerprinting and matching techniques to identify content with extreme precision and accuracy.

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Identifies identical underlying sound recordings or parts of them. Pex technology supports both musical and non-musical content such as speech, podcasts, and audiobooks.

  • Very short samples (1s)
  • Mashups, multi-track mixes, and remixes
  • Speed changes between 50-200% (100% = original speed)
  • Pitch changes between +-1200 cents (i.e. a full octave up or down)
  • Combined pitch and speed between 66-150% 
  • Recorded in a noisy environment
  • High compression and audio with a low sample rate
  • Rich stems like vocals, piano, and guitars
  • Effects such as echo, reverb, low or high-pass filters, and similar


Identifies identical underlying compositions, or parts of them, despite significant differences including the removal of lyrics. This technology is commonly known as cover song identification.

  • Background noise
  • Tempo changes
  • Transpositions
  • Live concerts
  • Short samples 
  • Language changes
  • Different timbres and instruments


Identifies identical videos, or parts of them, even if modified.

  • Very short samples (1s)
  • Grayscale distortions
  • Brightness change
  • Added noise (visual)
  • Mild cropping
  • Text overlay
  • Added logos
  • Filters
  • Livestream


Identifies identical underlying compositions, or parts of them, by matching the speech or lyrics.

  • Leverages Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Relies on vocal expression of lyrics, not extracted text or lyrics metadata
  • Able to identify songs with the same lyrics with very high accuracy
  • Compliments melody or audio matching
  • Matches different voices, genres, pitches, and tempos
  • Support for all languages

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