Rightsholders Monetize and control copyrighted content

Copyrighted works are constantly reused, remixed and repurposed online without consent. Pex data and technology put rightsholders back in control.

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Powerful identification for audio, melody, and video

Pex identifies copyrighted works down to as little as one second, and matches against common modifications including speed and pitch changes, mashups, multi-track mixes, and noisy environments.

Control content before it gets distributed

Attribution Engine identifies copyrighted audio or video in real time, enabling rightsholders to monitor and capitalize on the assets they own before they are distributed across digital platforms. All rightsholders can register and manage their assets at no cost. 

Monetize or remove unauthorized uses

Pex Discovery tracks over 20 digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Rightsholders can identify copyrighted works for increased monetization, simplified takedowns, improved anti-piracy, and transparency into how music is shared in user-generated content (UGC). Discovery provides all the data needed to claim or remove content quickly, as well as powerful insights for marketing teams.

Plug into the best ACR technology for original and modified audio

Pex Search allows rightsholders to fingerprint and compare internal or public content against the Pex music registry whenever they need. Identify modified audio or fraud in delivery feeds and learn exactly what music is in a catalog. Pex Search provides real time results and ownership metadata for all matches.

Pex serves all types of rightsholders

Whether you're a music label or publisher, film studio, broadcaster, sports organization, game creator, podcast maker or any other media rightsholder, you can manage your content with Pex.

  • Master recording and composition
  • Video, film and TV
  • Podcasts
  • Images

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