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Your content is constantly reused without your consent. Finally, you can control how, when and where your content should be used, before it's published.

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License, protect and track your content

Attribution Engine identifies every use of your catalog, down to as little as one second. Each time your content is used on a participating platform, your custom policies will be applied before the use is published (or can even prevent it from publishing).

Granular policies give you the most control

Licensing policies are highly flexible and customizable. Set monetize, direct license, track, royalty-free, or block policies for every piece of content and dictate the platforms and territories where the policies apply.

Manage everything from one dashboard

Regardless of catalog size or existing licenses, you can manage all of your content in one place and set policies for multiple platforms with ease.

Centralized management allows for new insights into where your content is used, so you can maximize your catalog's value.

Register content once for all platforms

Register content one time and it will automatically be made available to every participating platform, helping you maximize revenue and keep up with emerging platforms.

You can provide updates to your content or metadata and adjust your policies at any time.

Attribution Engine facilitates all types of rights

Whether you're a music label or publisher, film studio, broadcaster, sports organization, game creator, podcast maker or any other media rightsholder, you can manage your content in the Attribution Engine.

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  • Video, film and TV
  • Podcasts
  • Images


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