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Pex is a forward-leaning technology company striving to bring transparency, attribution, trust and compensation to the digital world.

We are best-in-class

Our products bring people and platforms together to identify content, facilitate licensing transactions, remove harmful content, and create an Internet where intellectual property is always shared with consent. Our technology serves everyone who uses the Internet to view, share or create content – from the largest platforms and rightsholders, to independent creators.

We believe in


Everyone deserves reliable access to the store of human knowledge and creation.


Creators and rightsholders deserve fair credit. Whenever others are profiting from their work, they deserve fair pay, too.


Platforms deserve the assurance that comes with seamless licensing and universal attribution, and the confidence that they’ve met new regulatory standards.

Together, these pillars ensure an Internet that reflects freedom, fairness, and integrity.

How we got here


Pex was founded in 2014 with the mission to deliver a more transparent and equitable Internet.

We spent years refining and improving our core identification technology until we could identify audio and video better than anyone else. Combined with our search capacity, we enabled content identification on over 40 digital platforms, supplying never-before-seen data on social media giants and opening up black boxes.

Through our Digital Rights Management platform, we succeed in offering transparency to creators and rightsholders, allowing them to accurately find all uses of their content online so they can increase their revenues and prevent losses from digital copies.


In 2019, regulatory changes created an opportunity for Pex technology to being credit to all rightsholders, on a global scale, so we unveiled our Attribution Engine – the fulfillment of our original vision.

Attribution Engine is licensing infrastructure for the Internet, enabling fair compensation and increased access to content. It is the hub where rightsholders, platforms, creators, and all content stakeholders meet to express their rights and create a more equitable and transparent Internet.



Attribution should be vital to the Internet – helping protect copyright without stifling creation. We believe we can make attribution the norm online, and we can do it with the speed, ease, and scale that today’s volume of content demands. We’re replacing crude upload filters with radically simple licensing that respects individual rights while creating greater and safer access to content for all.

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