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Pex technology enables platforms to identify and license copyrighted works in real time so the user experience remains seamless.

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Comprehensive copyright and content management

Pex provides all the tools platforms need to license and manage content uploaded by users, without stifling creativity or growth.

Plug into Pex’s ACR technology to identify copyrighted works

Pex Search enables digital platforms to identify copyrighted works both pre- and post-distribution to inform licensing decisions, remove unauthorized content, and reduce infringement liability. 

Manage and license content in real time

Attribution Engine is the first real-time copyright management system for platforms that includes identification, attribution, licensing, payments, reporting, and dispute resolution in one place.

Built in protection with Attribution Engine

Pex’s Platform Guarantee is the first insurance-like solution for platforms, covering up to $50M of copyright-related damages and legal fees under Article 17 the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). All Attribution Engine platforms are covered under this policy at no additional charge.

Trust & Safety

Identify, remove, and block known toxic content to protect your users and brand. Pex partners with leading agencies so law enforcement and platforms can work together.

Platforms of all sizes can leverage Attribution Engine


  • Built-in compliance with the EUCD and DMCA plus $50M in copyright liability protection under these laws
  • Jumpstart revenue with real-time licensing of content from labels and publishers
  • Avoid complicated royalty calculations with managed payments and reporting

  • Enable neutral dispute resolution in partnership with the WIPO Center

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  • Built-in compliance with the EUCD and DMCA plus $50M in copyright liability protection under these laws
  • Register existing licenses and obtain new licenses from labels and publishers in real time

  • Provide payments, reporting, and dispute resolution all within one system

  • Improve the creator experience and support the next generation of creators

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Start licensing and managing content in real time

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