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Enhance the creator experience without disrupting it

Identify copyrighted content and take necessary actions in 5 seconds or less, so the creator experience isn’t disrupted. Creators can upload content with confidence and utilize copyrighted material without fear of takedowns.

Built in protection

Our best in class technology will properly identify and attribute every piece of content uploaded to your platform, or it's on us. Pex takes liability for misidentifications, misattributions and incorrect distribution of monies.

Detailed Reporting

Receive insights on identified copyrighted content so you can highlight your inventory for advertisers, upsell subscribers, better curate content and more.

Royalties paid

Pex manages all royalty payments to rightsholders and reports on all activity, regardless of licensing terms.

Global compliance

Protect your platform by complying fully with DMCA and Article 17 of the European Union's Directive on Copyright. Bring more catalog to your users while staying compliant with copyright laws.

Trust & Safety

Identify, remove and permanently block toxic content such as CSAM and terrorist content, protecting your users and brand. Pex partners with leading agencies so law enforcement and platforms can work together.

Complaint & Redress

Attribution Engine includes a dispute resolution system at no cost to your platform. Creators can dispute licensing policies placed against their content in accordance with all Article 17 requirements, including human review by a trusted third party. Your platform is never liable for carrying out the decision of the arbitration.

Available to all types of platforms


  • Jumpstart your business with access to premium rightsholders immediately
  • Grow safely by licensing content quickly and complying with all legislation from the start

  • Avoid bringing on multiple payment or licensing vendors

  • Flexible payment schedule

  • Free toxic content protection

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  • License from all rightsholders without having to set up custom agreements
  • Fully comply with Article 17 requirements

  • Complaint & Redress included

  • Provide payments, reporting, and complaint procedures with one system

  • Free toxic content protection

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  • Podcast
  • Live Streaming


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