Music Distributors

Reduce infringement
and detect fraud

Identify copyrighted works within your catalogs prior to distributing it on digital platforms.

Pex outperforms legacy identification technologies

Pex’s AI-powered technology identifies copyrighted works down to as little as one second, and matches against common modifications including speed and pitch changes, mashups, multi-track mixes, and noisy environments.

Plug into the best ACR technology for original and modified audio

Pex Search enables music distributors to identify copyrighted works within their catalogs prior to distributing it on digital platforms to reduce infringement liability and fraudulent submissions. Meet the strictest of DSP requirements and keep your status on top streaming services.

Monetize or remove unauthorized uses

Discovery enables music distributors to find and track their catalog across 20+ digital platforms for increased monetization, simplified takedowns, improved anti-piracy, and transparency into how music is shared in user- generated content (UGC).


Deliver Pex data to your client dashboards

Discovery: Snapshot is available as a white-label API service that can track your customers’ catalogs for just $1 per asset per month. Deliver Discovery data directly to your customer dashboards to create new revenue and differentiate your business.