Protect your brand from copyright infringement

Identify music in social media posts before they go live and audit all published content.

Music rights on social media are complex

Brand marketers can’t rely on platforms to tell them what music is safe for commercial use. Pex helps digital teams identify music in brand and influencer content to reduce risk and prevent campaign disruption.

Make music identification part of your content strategy

Did you know that platform music libraries for users aren’t approved for commercial use? Or influencer content must follow commercial guidelines? And each platform has different licenses? Pex can help you navigate the complexity of copyright by identifying music on your social channels to minimize takedowns and audio issues.

Protect your brand in real time

Plug into Pex technology to scan employee or influencer content before it’s published online. Unlike other tech providers, Pex’s algorithms were trained on social media content to identify the most uses of music, even if modified. Results are returned in real time so safe uploads aren’t delayed.

Check published posts and influencer content for music

Published posts and influencer promotions without a license can unknowingly create liability. Audit your published posts with Pex to identify music and take control before a rightsholder does.