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Auto-scaling an Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set from an external metric source

Recently, the Infrastructure Team at Pex had the pleasure and challenge of shifting all of our deployments from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to Microsoft Azure. Our services rely heavily on Apache Pulsar and we use the number of messages in various queues as the primary source for auto-scaling our various components. Many cloud platforms offer the […]

Pex culture: Focusing on what really matters

Oh, it’s dog-friendly too?! 80s arcade games. Kombucha taps. Fully stocked kitchen. These are the typical bells and whistles we’ve come to expect of tech startups that present as fun, friendly, and non-hierarchical. By the end of week two, however, you’ve already found the cracks in the facade. The office Machiavellian who hoards information and […]

2019 Instagram data report: 58% of videos contain music

Instagram may have started as a photo-sharing app, but with the addition of video in 2013, stories in 2016, IGTV in 2018, and most recently its new reels functionality, the platform has become a top competitor for video-centric apps. As Instagram continually develops features to compete with Snap, TikTok, and other platforms, the Facebook-owned company […]

MFCCs: Engineering features from sound

There are many exciting problems that can be solved by training machine learning models on large, audio datasets  —  distinguishing speakers, identifying instruments in music, and translating speech from one language to another to name a few.  The question is, how can we train a machine learning model to do inference on audio data? The […]

Reading is good. Reading in order to discuss is better

“In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.”— Mortimer J. Adler Learning and continuous development are part of Pex’s fabric. Not surprisingly, a common way to achieve this is by reading books. I’m pretty sure […]

Social Media’s Biggest Hits of 2019

Who made the top viewed list this year on YouTube? Pex compiled the list of the top videos published in 2019 on the four largest social video platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Radically Simple Licensing

Today we are proud to announce Pex’s first step in simplifying the process of licensing content. Named Attribution Engine, we believe it will transform the way intellectual property is licensed in the digital world.

What content dominates on YouTube?

Because YouTube is one of the platforms that we, at Pex, actively monitor, we have decided to share some never before published data to help creators across the globe understand this platform better.

Pex Secures $7M in Series Seed Financing

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Pex has raised $7M in Series Seed financing. The round is led by Illuminate Ventures, joined by Universal Music Group, Susa Ventures, Warner Music Group, Blibros Capital Partners, and others.

Rethink Everything You Know About Going Viral

The difference between popularity and virality is an important distinction to make in media analytics when considering a video’s true reach. A video is “popular” when it receives thousands of views. But a video is not “viral” unless it is widely shared and distributed.

The Daily Wars of Online Video Platforms

Which platform is truly garnering the most views and highest social engagement? We tracked the music video for Adele’s most recent lead single “Hello” to find out.