Music Publishers

Track compositions across 20+ digital platforms

Find new uses of your songs — without supplying recordings — to increase revenue or determine market share across platforms.

Provide ISWCs and Pex will do the rest

Pex technology sources media files for ISWCs to enable identification of compositions in digital content.
Melody, phonetic, and audio fingerprints can be created to identify the most matches.

Increase claiming revenue

Pex Discovery tracks content across 20+ digital platforms for increased monetization, simplified takedowns, improved anti-piracy, and transparency into how music is shared in user-generated content (UGC). Contact us to learn about the Discovery beta program for music publishers.

Determine market share on leading platforms

Discover reuploads of your songs to learn your true market share and impact licensing agreements. Pex determines total views and engagement metrics, and what percentage of all music content your assets represent on a platform.

Pex serves all types of rightsholders

Whether you’re a music label or publisher, film studio, broadcaster, sports organization, game creator, podcast maker or any other media rightsholder, you can manage your content with Pex.

Master Recording and Composition

Video, film and TV