Find and track uploads of audio and video content across 20+ digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Discover the true
reach of an upload

Pex finds heavily modified versions and short samples

Upload any audio or video file to Discovery to see where it’s been re-uploaded across social media platforms. Discovery accepts direct file uploads or public URLs like YouTube links. Whether you want to track content going forward or see all past reuploads, Discovery will find your content down to one second of use.

Claim and
monetize more, faster

Get the compensation you deserve

When your content is reuploaded by others, it could be earning ad revenue that you deserve to earn too. Discovery prioritizes high-performing matches so rightsholders can quickly claim reuploads and earn more revenue. Important claiming data, including URL, views, and time stamps, are provided for every match.

DMCA takedowns

Stop piracy, leaks, and known AI content

Discovery provides all necessary data for DMCA takedown notices, so rightsholders can stop piracy and leaks before they cause harm to revenue or reputation. Upload known AI content to track its spread and take action quickly.

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