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A3E NAMM recap: The impact of technology and AI on the music industry

Jenny Crawford

The music industry has always been influenced by technological advancements and today it finds itself at the forefront of another digital revolution. At the 2023 NAMM Show, industry experts brought together by music and technology community A3E discussed the challenges and opportunities arising from AI in the music world. Our VP of Product and Head of RME, Chris McMurtry, moderated the panel, which highlighted the importance of data in the digital age and how music industry professionals moving into the tech world creates opportunities to solve data problems. The panel also discussed the implications of AI-generated content for copyright protection, specifically the need to disclose AI contributions in registrable works and the challenges surrounding AI-generated content created using others’ works. 

The panel included:

  • Heather Rafter, Founder and Principal, RafterMarsh US
  • F. Reid Shippen, multiple GRAMMY winning mixer, engineer, and producer 
  • Aarash Darroodi, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Fender
  • Matt Urmy, Founder and CEO, Artist Growth

Check out highlights from the panel below and watch the full recording to learn more about technology and data challenges in the music industry. 


  • Technology and AI are transforming the music industry, presenting both opportunities and challenges for artists and creators. 
  • Understanding the underlying technology and how different systems interact with each other is essential for artists and creators to navigate the music industry effectively.
  • AI-generated content is still a relatively new and evolving area. It is a complex landscape, especially with regards to ownership and copyright protection, which requires attention.
  • Copyright infringement in the context of AI-generated content relies on the concept of substantial similarity. If AI-generated content closely resembles an existing work, it may be considered a case of copyright infringement.
  • Registering creative works is important in the United States to have legal protection and benefits when it comes to copyright infringement suits.

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