Global brand powers employee advocacy and copyright compliance with Pex Search

WRITTEN BY Jenny Crawford
Sep 28, 2023

Music makes branded content more engaging and human. But with confusing copyright regulations, brands need to be proactive to ensure their content isn’t using unlicensed music, especially if paid influencers or employees are using music to promote their products and services online.

One of the world’s largest brands recently partnered with Pex to identify music in employee social content, so they could empower them to use their voices online without putting the business at risk. Check out how our best-in-class music identification technology helped this global brand tackle the challenge of using music on social media. 



Recognizing the power of employees as influencers, this leading brand reached out to Pex to support a global advocacy program while respecting music copyrights. Through local business pages and advocacy programs, their employees share thousands of pieces of content online a week. The brand needed a way to quickly understand if it’s employees were sharing music, without a cumbersome manual review process for copyright infringement. 



Pex Search was able to identify music in employees’ videos so the brand can ensure music is licensed or available for commercial use. Pex audited thousands of the employees’ videos for music use and returned identified music data back to the brand. 



Tens of thousands of videos were checked for music and data on matched songs, titles, and associated rightsholders was sent to the brand for review. With knowledge on what music is being used and who owns it, the brand can proactively comply with copyright laws, and the associates can keep being great brand advocates. 


Utilize music, employees, and influencers properly with Pex

Using music on social media can be risky business for brands. Employees and paid influencers are extensions of the brand and can only use music that’s licensed for commercial use. With Pex Search, brands can audit their published content or review uploads in real time to identify music. Once identified, brands will have all the data needed for licensing or other actions. 

Empower your people to post confidently with Pex Search. Contact us for access to our demo environment.

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