Pex and RME join forces with Cosynd: empowering music creators with accurate copyright tracking and income protection

Oct 25, 2023

New York, Oct 25, 2023 — Pex, the trusted global leader in content identification technology and UGC data, and its rights initiative RME, the digital-first, modern rights organization, are excited to announce a collaboration with Cosynd, the forefront platform for copyright protection. This partnership is designed to empower RME’s vibrant community of creators and rightsholders to safeguard their IP with a simplified copyright registration process using Cosynd’s advanced Copyright Registration API.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content, creators often face challenges in obtaining proper attribution and compensation for their work. This partnership signifies a commitment to making rights management easy, transparent, safe, and above all, centered around creators and their livelihood. RME users will now have the invaluable opportunity to efficiently register their original works with the U.S. Copyright Office using Cosynd’s Copyright Registration API. The combined technology will provide a comprehensive view of where their music is being used and the actionability to ensure their intellectual property remains safeguarded from unauthorized use and manipulation. 

With this collaboration, RME’s worldwide client base will benefit in several significant ways: Their audio recordings and underlying musical compositions will be meticulously fingerprinted and stored, enabling precise tracking against a reference database to identify any matches and locate their music in user-generated content. This empowerment will extend to the realm of legal action, where creators can take action against identified past infringed works and proactively protect new creations against unauthorized usage. RME will collect royalties on behalf of creators without claiming any percentage of their copyrights. Additionally, using data gathered through its beta program, RME will negotiate licensing agreements with platforms and other music users. This offering ensures more money goes directly to the creators, safeguarding their financial well-being. 

With digital content consumption on the rise, the risk of unauthorized usage and copyright infringement has grown significantly both in the United States and globally. This partnership marks a decisive stride toward empowering creators to protect their work, gain proper attribution, and ensure fair compensation for their artistry. Copyright registration, now a mandatory requirement before filing or participating in a lawsuit, is streamlined by Cosynd’s Copyright Registration API, simplifying the process for creators in the most cost-effective way, while taking the steps to protect creative works in over 175 territories within minutes.

Chris McMurty, VP of Product at Pex and Head of RME expressed: “At Pex and RME, our vision is attribution for all which means enabling a world where creators are respected, recognized, and fairly compensated for their invaluable contributions. Partnering with Cosynd represents a significant leap toward realizing this vision. This collaboration showcases our dedication to empowering the creator economy and fostering innovation without fearing copyright infringement.” 

Cosynd CEO, Jessica Sobhraj added: “We are thrilled to join forces with Pex and RME in this innovative endeavor. We firmly believe that empowering creators with the right tools is fundamental to the future of the creative industry. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in our mission to revolutionize attribution-driven copyright protection and finally provides the means for creators to utilize their data from Pex to seek just compensation against bad actors.”

Together, Pex, RME, and Cosynd are committed to nurturing a creative economy that values creators, encourages innovation, and establishes a fair and thriving digital rights ecosystem.

Interested in partnering with Pex or joining RME? Reach out to our team.


About Pex 

Pex is the trusted global leader in content identification technology and UGC data powering copyright compliance at the speed and scale of the Internet. With Pex’s advanced identification technology, platforms can manage and license content at scale and rightsholders can monitor and capitalize on the content they own. Pex believes in attribution for all and is on a mission to enable the fair and transparent use of copyrighted works online. For more information, follow us on Twitter or visit

About RME 

RME (pronounced R·ME) is the modern rights organization enabling more equitable and accurate payments for creators and rightsholders globally. Powered by Pex’s robust digital rights technology, RME is hyper-focused on providing fairer, faster payments based on actual attribution instead of the outdated industry methods. RME is on a mission to fight for fair and accurate royalty payments globally by finding all digital uses of creative works across content-sharing platforms, television, and radio. Experience rights made easy and join RME today at

About Cosynd 

Cosynd is the fastest and most affordable way for creators and copyright owners to protect themselves and all of their content — music, videos, imagery, literature, and more. Through its suite of easy-to-navigate copyright tools, Cosynd offers creators the ability to build, negotiate, redline, and execute vital agreements that secure their copyrights, and seamlessly register copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office. Cosynd has helped thousands of creators and businesses-alike, from over 120 countries around the world. Focused on turning a long, expensive process into one that saves creators thousands in legal fees with just a few clicks, Cosynd is leveling the playing field by making basic copyright protection accessible to everyone.

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