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Pex Secures $7M in Series Seed Financing

Rasty Turek

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Pex has raised $7M in Series Seed financing. The round is led by Illuminate Ventures, joined by Universal Music Group, Susa Ventures, Warner Music Group, Blibros Capital Partners, and others.

We began with a mission to build the best search engine for audio-visual content. With big names dominating the search market, we understood early that we would have to use a different approach to achieve our goal. We started with building a scalable system, which indexes audio-visual content across the Web, and delivers results with unchallengeable speed and precision.

The heart of our service is based on a proprietary, in-house built, fingerprinting technology. It is capable of identifying re-used content as short as 0.5s, across our ever-growing archive that currently holds over 6B songs and videos.

On the back of our core technology, we built an online dashboard that allows musicians, filmmakers, marketers, brands, rights holders, and others to understand the true reach of their content through both its virality and popularity. Additionally, we allow all rights holders to monitor and resolve any copyright infringements at scale, with great precision.

For the past 18 months, we’ve been quietly working with the world’s leading media companies, brands and right holders, to ensure that we deliver on the promise of scale, speed and precision. Even though we would love to, we’re still not ready to unveil the service to the general public.

Our focus for the next 18 months is to expand our service to more customers, increase our coverage of monitored platforms to linear television and radio, and to introduce more features, especially around predictive analytics and automation.

If you want to be part of this journey, join us here in sunny Los Angeles.

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