VIDEO: Pex COO talks compensating creators with the Hudson Institute, joined by Bandlab, BeatStars, and Roblox

WRITTEN BY Jenny Crawford
Dec 22, 2021

At year’s end, we often look ahead and set our intentions for the New Year. When it comes to the creator economy, it’s clear the intention for 2022 is to solve challenges facing individual artists and creators. Our COO Amadea Choplin joined the Hudson Institute and fellow panelists Meng Kuok, CEO of BandLab Technologies, Abe Batshon, CEO of BeatStars, and Rodrigo Velloso, Global Director of Influencer Marketing at Roblox, to discuss a lack of control and monetization, the inequities benefitting a top 1% of creators, and how creators need to be supported going forward. 

Amadea identified the biggest copyright challenges facing creators today: control and knowledge. Once a creator’s work is published on a platform, they lose control of it. How can creators reclaim control and knowledge over where their work is, in order to better understand their fans, how the content is being used, and how to monetize it? 

The panel discussed several key issues including:

  • The importance of platforms proactively helping creators control their content 
  • Challenges platforms face in trying to do so
  • The impact outdated copyright laws have on platforms ability to support creators
  • Important work being done already to combat these issues 

At Pex, we are empowering creators and rightsholders to better understand and control their content through our copyright solutions. Amadea spoke about the tools Pex provides content-sharing platforms that power catalog control and monetization, even for early stage ventures. Other panelists are also working to bring insights and opportunities to creators. Abe Batshon spoke about the launch of BeatStars’ new solution, BeatID, which helps producers find uses of their beats on content-sharing platforms. 

To hear what Amadea and fellow panelists had to say about compensating creators in the new content ecosystem, check out the full panel discussion below. For more information on Pex and how we’re empowering control, monetization, and balance in the creator economy, head here.

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