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Article 17

Video recap: Article 17 webinar series with Music Biz

Jenny Crawford

Article 17 is the largest copyright reform in recent history, one that impacts platforms, rightsholders and content creators alike. To help us all get a handle on the legislation’s changes, we partnered with the Music Business Association to host three virtual events over the past seven months. The program focused on the implications of Article 17 reforms and highlighted what Article 17 offers to key stakeholders.

In our final event of our collaborative series, we discussed the immediate impact for rightsholders in compliant EU member states, why some member states have yet to enact reform legislation, recent important legal decisions regarding Article 17, and how the directive could affect copyright reform both in the U.S. and worldwide in the next six months. 

Watch the complete series featuring distinguished copyright and policy experts, music rightsholders, and digital rights technology leaders below.

Article 17: What’s done & what’s next

July 22, 2021

Our most recent webinar covered Article 17’s current state of affairs with implementation updates, the most recent rulings with the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) ruling in the YouTube and Cyando cases as well as the case against Poland, a look at the EU guidelines and how they may shape actions over the next six months, and how the implementation of Article 17 in the EU could influence current and future U.S. legislation.


  • Ursula Feindor-Schmidt,  Partner at Lausen Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
  • Garrett Levin, Chief Executive Officer at The Digital Media Association 
  • Marie Sellier, VP Public Affairs at Vivendi
  • Ted Shapiro, Partner and Head of Brussels Office at Wiggin
  • George York, SVP, International Policy Recording Industry Association of America
  • Cesar Fishman, VP of Business and Government at Pex
  • Liza Laskevicova, Policy Analyst at Pex


  • Taking stock: Reviewing the latest rulings on copyright infringement
  • What lies ahead: Preparing for the next six months
  • Wave of influence: How Article 17 may impact global copyright law



We kicked off this series of webinars with the Music Business Association in December 2020, roughly six months before Article 17’s implementation deadline, with a key update in April. The topics are still timely, especially as some EU member states have still not implemented the Directive as of August 2021. Our incredible speakers covered the German and French transpositions, the monetization outlook for rightsholders, what rightsholders should expect from UGC platforms in a post-Article 17 world, the possibility of universal licensing, and much more in our first two events. Catch up on what you missed below.

Final countdown: Critical Article 17 updates you need to know

April 29, 2021

In this 90-minute update, we addressed how music rightsholders would be impacted by Article 17 and how U.S. copyright legislation such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) may be influenced by these changes. Dive into the highly-influential German transposition of the Directive and hear directly from EU Parliament member Axel Voss about the implementation of Article 17.


  • Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, VP of Innovation and Education, IMMF
  • Martin Husovec, Assistant Professor of Law, London School of Economics & Political Science
  • Prof. Dr. Silke von Lewinski, Legal & IP Expert
  • Burak Ozgen, General Counsel, GESAC
  • Portia Sabin, President of the Music Business Association
  • Alain Strowel, Professor, UCLouvain, USaint-Louis-Brussels, Munich IP Law Center; Attorney, Pierstone
  • Axel Voss, Member of the European Parliament
  • Bob Barbiere, SVP of Digital Rights at Pex,
  • Martin Hapl, General Manager in the EU for Pex


  • Deep dive: The German transposition for Article 17 
  • Rightsholder call to action: Article 17 only takes you 90% of the way. 
  • Rightsholder impact: what do these updates mean for you?
  • Keynote with Axel Voss, Member of the European Parliament


Article 17: Are we ready?

December 8-9, 2020

Our first event on Article 17 spanned two days and included nearly 20 expert speakers. The two webinars below cover a variety of topics, including how Article 17 is poised to increase revenue for music rightsholders and specific ways rightsholders can use this legislation to bring in more royalties. Day two broughts platforms into the picture and the speakers discussed what rightsholders can expect from UGC platforms, and whether or not universal licensing will ever be possible. If you need background information on Article 17 to get up to speed, our day one webinar has got you covered.

Day one


  • Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, VP, Innovation and Education, IMMF
  • Scott Farrant, Global Head of Operations, Kobalt Music
  • Larry Mills, Founder of We Are The Hits
  • Carlos Pacheco, Founder, Pachwork Strategy
  • Portia Sabin, President of the Music Business Association
  • Helen Smith, Executive Chair, IMPALA
  • Zena White, Managing Director, Partisan Records
  • Robert Barbiere, SVP of Digital Rights, Pex
  • Amadea Choplin, COO, Pex
  • Rasty Turek, Founder and CEO, Pex


  • Setting the Scene: What is Article 17 & how will It improve copyright?
  • An insider view from Article 17 influencers
  • Fireside chat: 2021 monetization outlook
  • Recognition, royalties & protection: How Article 17 stands to benefit rightsholders


Day two


  • Ilie Ardelean, Chief Product Officer, Exactuals
  • Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, VP, Innovation and Education, IMMF
  • Jeff Liebenson, President, International Association of Entertainment Lawyers
  • Vickie Nauman, Principal and Owner of CrossBorderWorks
  • Abby North, President, North Music Group LLC
  • Ted Shapiro, Partner; Wiggin LLP, Brussels
  • Cesar Fishman, Head of Business & Government Affairs, Pex
  • Martin Hapl, General Manager, Europe; Pex
  • Wilson Hays, Head of Business Development, Pex


  • Getting rights right from the start
  • What rightsholders should expect from UGC and social media platforms in a post Article 17 world. 
  • Fireside chat: Implementation challenges of Article 17 illustrated on German and French transpositions
  • Going beyond Content ID: Is universal licensing possible?


Now that the implementation date of Article 17 has passed and the EU Commission’s guidelines have been shared, it’s time to take the next steps as an industry to ensure successful copyright reform. 

Download our Article 17 starter kit or contact our team to get started.

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