Careers Grow with us, wherever you are

As we strive to build groundbreaking products with global scale, we're looking for highly-motivated and curious individuals to join us on our mission.

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This is how we do it

If candidates are willing to ask questions, we are willing to answer them. We want to make sure that Pex is the right fit for them, too. We believe in transparency and we actually practice what we preach. We do our best every day to create an equal, inclusive, safe, challenging and fun place to work.

Pex culture

Our culture is built around collaboration, growth, mutual respect, and the desire to build groundbreaking products with global scale.You can read more about Pex culture on our blog.

Communication & social standards

We document our standards for communication and collaboration so everyone is on the same page from day one. We practice open communication and everyone is accessible to one another, regardless of title or level.

We put empathy at the heart of all our interactions and maintain the belief that this is the most important human trait that makes groups work well.

Transparent salaries & expectations

We’re open about our salaries and growth progression early on so there are no surprises down the line and we don’t waste your time.

We base pay on levels and by continent: Every level on the same continent makes the same amount – no negotiating required. We disclose all levels and salaries to the company to help us achieve equity and transparency.

3 month detailed onboarding

You’ll receive onboarding resources on your first day that outline everything you need to get up to speed at Pex, including 1-month and 3-month goals and expectations. You’ll quickly meet the team, connect with others on Slack, and have a Pex Pal to help guide you.

A safe place for ideas & questions

Every idea and question is welcome at Pex. You’re probably not the only one with a question, but you may be the only one with a certain perspective, so always share!

We’re continually working on creating a more inclusive and diverse space, and we welcome all suggestions and critiques.

Team building and continuous learning

Join or start a book club for your team to learn and grow together. We believe the experience of reading a book together and sharing perspectives can help teams communicate and collaborate better together. We welcome setting aside time to work on your career development and will support you to grow however you want.

Read about Pex book clubs on our blog.

Fully remote company

Regardless of where you live on a given continent, your time off and benefits remain the same.

Your compensation and equity are tied to your level, not your location. If you move around within the same continent, those details won’t change. You’re free to work from anywhere as long as your working hours overlap with your direct and cross-functional teammates for 3 hours per day.

More Benefits

  • Generous equity
  • 30 days paid time off + 9 holidays
  • Paid time off on your birthday
  • US employees: 99% medical coverage for you, 70% for dependents with dental and vision coverage available
  • Pex Talk lunch & learns (We've covered dog training, Rugby, chess, meditation, sumo wrestling, progressive rock, and more)
  • 12 week parental leave (+4 weeks for birth mothers)
  • Company-wide offsites (when safe)

Hiring: What to expect

Our hiring process is designed with the candidate and their time as the utmost important factor. Our goal is to get to know you and determine if Pex is a place where you can grow while also helping push the company forward. Here's what to expect:

  • Our recruiters will reach out to you and set up a 30 minute get-to-know-you call.
  • Next, you'll speak with the hiring manager to get more granular about your skills and accomplishments.
  • We'll send you a take-home challenge designed to help us understand how you approach and solve problems. Once complete, we do our best to get back to you within 3 business days.
  • The team you'd work closely with will review your challenge and if you proceed, you'll get a chance to meet with them individually.
  • The whole process normally takes about 2 weeks, but we're generally flexible to move at your speed
  • We'll let you know regardless of the outcome. We won't leave you hanging!

Read more about our hiring process on our blog.