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Platforms using Attribution Engine give their users access to more copyrighted content through real-time licensing, so you can create with confidence.

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Access more content, risk free

You’ll have access to millions of licensed songs and videos from premium rightsholders for use in your content. It’s all pre-approved for distribution on participating platforms and ready to use.

Pre-licensing keeps content online

When platforms use Attribution Engine, they are able to license any copyrighted material you include in your content before your upload goes live, eliminating the need for takedowns.

Free dispute resolution

If a rightsholder applies a policy to your content and you believe it to be in error, you can dispute the policy for free using our dispute resolution system.

Creators have rights, too

Do you make original content? Now you can protect it online and determine where, when, and how it's used. Once your content is registered in Attribution Engine, you can set licensing policies and earn royalty revenue when it's used by others.

Attribution Engine facilitates all types of rights

  • Master Recording and Composition
  • Video, film and TV
  • Podcasts
  • Images


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