Law Enforcement Identify and prevent toxic content, permanently

By securely providing digital fingerprints of known toxic content to Pex, uploads with harmful material can be identified and blocked from ever publishing.

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Toxic content prevention is free

Pex’s advanced identification technology can determine if user uploads to digital platforms contain known toxic content and can inform the platform in seconds, so the content never goes live.

Protect against

  • CSAM
  • IBSA
  • Terrorist content
  • Other toxic content

Stop toxic content in its tracks

Pex can match toxic content in user uploads to the fingerprints of known harmful material in 5 seconds or less.

Information about the content is automatically sent to the appropriate digital platform so it can be blocked before it’s published.

Provide content securely and locally

All content will be fingerprinted on a locally installed software development kit (SDK) and securely sent back to Pex.

Pex will never see the content, and cannot restore the content from the fingerprints.

New data and reports

Data on the identified toxic content is sent back to your organization regularly and at no cost.

Pex makes it easy for platforms to report any instance of toxic content on their site to the appropriate authorities.

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