Five ways creator companies can benefit from tracking content across platforms

WRITTEN BY MC Teissedre Grunitzky
May 9, 2023

More than half of Americans ages 13 to 38 would become an influencer if they could, and as the ‘creator’ career path grows, so does the number of companies servicing them. As these companies help creators grow their business, more content is created, and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage across platforms. With influencer content capable of raking in millions, it’s important to understand the true footprint of an upload. 

At Pex, we track reuploads of audio and video across more than 20 digital platforms, including the top social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. We help media companies and creator networks find and claim more content, and provide additional data to power their businesses. Here are five ways creator-focused companies can benefit from tracking reuploads of content. 

1. Find and claim more revenue  

When someone reposts content, it could be earning ad revenue on the platform, and that revenue should go to the original creator. Not all platform tools or technologies are created equal, however, so networks could be missing content even if using a system like YouTube Content ID for claiming. 

Pex routinely finds the most uses of content, and a global media company leveraging Pex reported that 80% of everything Pex identified was not found by YouTube. How do we do it? Our advanced technology identifies audio and video content despite modifications to pitch, speed, and other edits. 


Video capabilities 

Can match content despite:

  • Very short samples (1s)
  • Grayscale distortions
  • Brightness changes
  • Mild cropping, text overlay, added logos
  • Filters
  • Horizontal flip

Audio capabilities 

Can match content despite: 

  • Very short samples (1s)
  • Speed changes between 50% – 150%
    100% = the original speed
  • Mashups, multi-track mixes, and remixes
  • Pitch changes between -900 and +1200 cents
  • A noisy environment

2. Source qualified leads

If more reuploads can equal more money, then media companies should be investing in creators whose content is frequently reused and shared. If a creator’s content is widely reuploaded, it’s a good indication that their content resonates, they have a dedicated following, and they could grow into a massive influencer. By tracking reuploads, MCNs can find qualified leads and sign top creators. 

3. Negotiate higher-paying partnerships 

By tracking reuploads across multiple platforms – not just where the content was posted – MCNs can show media buyers and brands a creator’s true reach. Data on reuploads including where they are found, how many views they’ve earned, and how much engagement they’ve received, can be used to negotiate better deals and sponsorships. 

4. Optimize content 

Every platform has different algorithms and different content types that perform well. If a specific type of content is often reuploaded on a particular platform, production teams can leverage that data to optimize future content and distribution strategies. This data can also be used to help creators find and interact with fans, to boost engagement and drive more traffic to their original content.

5. Show unique campaign value 

Anyone can showcase earned views, likes, or followers for their customer campaigns. But showing how a campaign was reuploaded can differentiate a network, add unique value to reports and case studies, and win new business. 

Pex for creator-focused companies 

Tracking reuploads of audio and video is easy with Pex. Simply provide media files or public URLs (like YouTube links) of the content you want to track, and our technology will do the rest. Curious what we can find? Check out our data blogs or contact us for a demo. 

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