VIDEO: Pex founder and CEO joins Web Summit to discuss equity in the creator economy

WRITTEN BY Jenny Crawford
Nov 11, 2021

Last week, nearly 50K individuals flocked to Lisbon for a week of tech-forward discussions, networking, and collaboration at Web Summit 2021. Among those speakers was our founder and CEO Rasty Turek. 

Joining fellow panelists including the COO of Believe, Isabelle Andres, head of music at WeTransfer, Tiffany Lu, and founder of Fangage, Sam Feldt, Rasty discussed the role of technology in the future of musical artists’ and creators’ independence. On stage, the panel deliberated the advancements that technology has made for artists to get their content out there, from the rise of streaming to the ubiquity of social media, along with the hurdles creators face, particularly in loss of ownership and capital. 

Rasty spoke about the tools Pex provides content sharing platforms to help creators navigate these hardships, especially when it comes to retaining control over their content. Illustrating the life cycle of content, beginning with production, to distribution, to promotion, to continuation, Pex plays a critical piece in not only ensuring that work continues to live on, but that the creator continues to own and monetize their work. This is achieved through licensing, which as Rasty puts it, helps to “give everybody equal rights and equal access to [content].”

But beyond licensing of content, Pex plays a broader role in the evolving content ecosystem through helping creators maintain control over their works, providing an equitable and balanced runway to find and retain success in the creator economy. 

To hear what Rasty and his fellow panelists had to say at Web Summit 2021, check out the full panel discussion below. For more information on Pex and how we’re providing more balance in the creator economy, head here

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