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Your music is on social media. Find it with Pex and A2IM.

Courtnay Moriarty

Introducing the Pex and A2IM member affiliate program

We’re excited to share our new partnership with A2IM that provides members easy access to Pex Discovery, so independent rightsholders can take control of their music’s use on digital platforms. Social media can help independent artists gain new fans, but it can also spread and modify their music without permission or compensation. Rightsholders need to be empowered with data on who is sharing their music and where, so they can benefit from every post. Pex is democratizing data that can be difficult for all but the largest companies to access by giving independent rightsholders an exclusive, reduced rate on our Discovery solution. With the A2IM member affiliate program, members can track uses of their music across 25+ digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, at a reduced minimum of 100 assets or $100/month, as opposed to $1,000/month for non-members. 

Pex Discovery allows independent rightsholders to:

  • Detect music use despite modifications in speed, pitch, tempo, language, and more
  • Discover exactly where music has been used in the past year, down to one second
  • Monetize content faster and earn more from claiming 
  • Identify piracy and leaks quickly 
  • Accelerate claims and takedowns

Every minute new content is uploaded to social media, and it could contain your music. Start tracking your catalog with Pex to see who’s sharing your songs. Members can access this offer directly in their A2IM InfoHub

Not an A2IM member? Sign up here.


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