Interviewing at Pex? Here’s what you can expect during our hiring process

Sep 29, 2020

The Pex hiring process

So, you applied for a role at Pex (or you are thinking about it), but you want to know what you’re getting into. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our recruiting team often receives questions from candidates that are eager for information and a peek into our hiring process:

Who will I be interviewing with?

What types of questions will they ask?

What will they be evaluating?

What should I focus on?

What’s the process like and how many steps is it?

While some companies may be hesitant to share this information, Pex feels otherwise. We understand how daunting and nerve-wracking job interviews can be. As a company that values curiosity, drive, and bold decision making, we appreciate candidates that take the initiative and reach out. We also value transparency and direct communication, so we welcome questions and are happy to share information. Interviewing for a job is a two-way street after all!

Here’s what you can expect when interviewing at Pex:

Step one: Initial call with a recruiter

After a candidate has applied to an open role, a recruiter reviews their resume and reaches out to schedule a 30-minute call, if they meet the qualifications for the position.

Goal: During this call, our primary goals are to learn as much as we can about the candidate. We primarily check for two things:

  1. Alignment between the role’s responsibilities and the candidate’s experience
  2. Alignment between what’s important to the candidate (growth, work culture, etc.) and what Pex offers

What we discuss: We discuss why the candidate is in the job market, the environment they work best in, and how their experience relates to Pex. We also take this time to answer any questions and provide a brief overview of Pex’s history and culture. We go over products we’re working on, makeup of the team, role responsibilities and challenges, and perks and benefits offered.

Basically, we brag about how great our team is, the exciting and challenging things we’re working on, and how great our PTO policy is (30 days + the day off on your birthday + 9 holidays – we know, it’s pretty great).

Step Two: Technical challenge / skills assessment

For all roles, we incorporate a technical challenge or skills assessment to determine if a candidate has the practical skills required for the position and what skill level they would be at. Skill levels are an important part of hiring at Pex, and our salaries and career advancement are built around them. This way, there is more clarity around growth and development within the company, and we can ensure that everyone in that department and at that same skill level is compensated equally in salary and equity.

All of our assessments are designed in-house and are specific to the role itself, so they reflect actual projects or challenges that our team works on and the job responsibilities that the candidate would have. Once an assessment is sent out, candidates have as long as needed to complete and submit a response.

Depending on the role, the technical challenge can either be the second or third step and can vary in format. For example, developers are sent a coding challenge after the initial recruiter call and their submissions are reviewed by at least two team members. For product and design roles, candidates speak to the hiring manager as a second step and their skills are assessed in the third step.

Step Three: Hiring manager interview

Our hiring manager (HM) interviews are 30 minutes long and take place through a Google Meet video call.

Goal: In these calls, the HMs are trying to identify:

  1. What this particular candidate can bring to their team
  2. Whether the candidate is a good teammate that’s willing to learn and adapt
  3. If the candidate has the right technical, interpersonal, and communication skills needed to be successful in the role and at Pex.

What we discuss: A candidate can expect a HM to provide more specific and in-depth information about the team and what they’re working on, including what the person in that particular role would be working on. The HM will also go over how the team works together, challenges they face, the growth and outlook for the team, and how the role fits into the team and company.

Step Four: Final interview round

In the last stage of our hiring process, we invite candidates to chat with and get to know our broader team. These four interviews are conducted through a Google Meet video call and are each about 30-minutes long. Typically, candidates meet with one team member that they’d be working with directly, and one team member they’d work with indirectly. They also meet one-on-one with our CEO and COO.

Goal: If a candidate has made it to this point, we’re pretty confident that they’d be a good fit for the team, so the main focus to get to know the candidate even more and make sure that Pex is a good fit for them.

This is also our opportunity to showcase more of our culture, plus provide the candidate with a holistic view of working at Pex.

That’s our hiring process!

Ultimately, our hiring process is designed with the candidate and their time as the utmost important factor. We know how exhausting and tedious the hiring process can be while you’re also juggling other interviews, your current job, and life in general. Our goal is to get to know you and the things that are important to you to determine if Pex is the place where you can grow and expand your skill set while also helping us push our products and company forward.

Interested in working at Pex? Check out our open positions.

If you don’t see one for you, reach out and send us your resume at [email protected] — we’re always looking for curious people. We look forward to meeting you!

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