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Pex named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list 

Pex Team

We’re excited to announce that Pex has been named a World’s Most Innovative Company for 2021!

For over a decade, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list has been “the definitive source for recognizing the organizations that are transforming industries and shaping society.” This year, Pex is honored to be top-ranked in the Social Media category

We believe that our mission and our technology are changing the Internet for the better. Attribution should be vital to the Internet – helping protect copyright without stifling creation. So, we’re replacing crude upload filters with radically simple licensing that respects individual rights while creating greater and safer access to content for all. 

Why is this important? Our CEO said it best:

“Imagine a world in which creators can freely mix and remix content, a world in which rights are respected and rightsholders are correctly identified and properly compensated, and a world in which platforms are able to innovate while bringing everyone together without fear of litigation.”

The rise of user-generated content and social media changed our entire world, from the way we communicate to the way we spend our time. But it also created massive problems that only a few foresaw. Copyright is almost completely disregarded on social media. Rightsholders who deserve credit and compensation for their songs, movies, images and other arts are left with no recourse as strangers share their work for free. Platforms struggle to balance free speech and creation with moral (and sometimes legal) obligations to prevent false information, hate speech, or copyright infringement. Creators see their hard work taken down because there’s little clarity on what they can or cannot use. Bad actors upload content that was made without consent, and various types of toxic content spread rapidly on any content-sharing site. 

Why is our Attribution Engine so innovative? 

Well, on the most basic level, because it’s never been done before. But more than that, because it has the potential to impact the digital world the same way that PayPal and Amazon changed the way we purchase goods online. It used to be absurd to think anyone would share their payment information online or buy a product without ever having seen it in person. But PayPal and Amazon built the technology and the trust to make e-commerce our new norm. We are ushering in the next wave of trust online and making attribution the new norm. Like the Visa of digital rights, Attribution Engine is a marketplace that identifies content and verifies rights information without disrupting the current, seamless experience of uploading something to social media. 

The ability to identify and license content in real time changes the digital ecosystem as we know it. Attribution Engine enables a balance between the free creation we’ve come to love and the proper attribution we were always supposed to have. Same user experience, but now with fair credit and compensation. 

No one thought technology could process content at the speed and scale necessary to identify hundreds of millions of videos and songs every minute, but we did it. We’ve built the cutting-edge technology, we’ve built the infrastructure necessary to connect all content stakeholders, express rights, compensate rightsholders, and block harmful content from publishing. We are closer than ever to accomplishing our vision for a free, fair and safe Internet.

Ready to join us?

We’re honored that Fast Company has included us on the list of World’s Most Innovative Companies. Want to join us on our mission to build a better Internet? Check out our open positions

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